Advising in structuring and funding of projects requires a high degree of dedication, expertise, and knowledge of the financial environment and familiarity with the legal, regulatory and tax framework of the project.

Each project has its strengths and limitations so its financial and legal structure requires a case by case analysis and a “made-to-measure” solution. Therefore, the financial advisor must understand and comprehend from the very beginning the requirements of the projects in order to recommend and implement the best strategy for the achievement of the desired objectives.

Today’s competitive and globalized economy requires public entities and private investors to rely on the expertise and advice of specialized firms like Gulesserian Consultores in order to achieve financial feasibility of their projects under PPP schemes, Refinancing or Restructuring.

  1. Among the principal PPP schemes, the most commonly used are:

Concessions – Where the private sector builds, operates, maintains and exploits a project during a certain period. Once this period has elapsed, the project is turned over to the federal, state or municipal government which would be in charge of its operation and management.

Private Service Contracts (PSC) – This PPP scheme allows the private sector to provide the service to be provided by the government. Under this concept, the resources of both public and private sectors are shared in order to offer a quality service to the public. In a long-term service agreement, the required service levels and the distribution of risks between private investors and the public sector are defined in the service contract.

  1. Refinancing

Once the project is under operation and has matured, meaning that its cash-flow has stabilized, its risk profile is reduced significantly allowing the investor to the possibility to refinance the project under more favourable conditions. In these cases Gulesserian Consultores can help the investor structure the refinancing of the project and achieve the best conditions available in the financial marketplace.

  1. Restructuring:

Given volatility of economic and market conditions, the financial performance of a project may fall short of expectations or the requirements of its debt service. In these cases Gulesserian Consultores can help the investor and its creditors to restructure the financing of the project to adapt to the realities of its performance and ensure its financial feasibility.


Schematic Diagram of the Process


Gulesserian Consultores has an experienced team of specialists which strives to come up with creative solutions to the challenges presented by each project, searching for optimum feasibility during every stage. This process demands a high degree of focus, coordination and perseverance, which are proven qualities of every single member of the firm.


  • Transportation: is a sector that comprises all modes of transportation (road, rail, aviation, maritime and mass transit).
  • Energy: is divided into three interrelated segments: electricity, petroleum and natural gas.
  • Water: involves drinking water supplies and delivery, irrigation and drainage.
  • Environmental: considers renewable energy projects and water sewage treatment plants.
  • Health: includes the construction, operation and maintenance of hospitals.
  • Other Projects: advisory to multilateral agencies like The World Bank among other PPP projects.